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Beware of WhatsApp Gold! What You need to Know About WhatsApp Gold

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On September 15, 2018
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There is a version of WhatsApp currently going viral which is created by hacked and is aimed at collecting valuable information from the unsuspecting user. There is nothing golden about WhatsApp Gold as the name implies.  WhatsApp is WhatsApp and there is no gold attached to it.

The fact as I mentioned earlier is that Hackers develop this golden WhatsApp with fake promised features,because ever since Whatsapp encrypted end to end messages, it became difficult for them. So should in case you get an SMS to upgrade to WhatsApp gold, kindly ignore it.

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7 Things You Should Know About WhatsApp Gold

1. Termed ‘exclusive version’ : The so-called WhatsApp Gold is being termed as an ‘exclusive version’ of WhatsApp.  According to the messaged received  by users, it claims that the ‘WhatsApp Gold’ is not available to all users and can be installed only via invitation.

2. The Message is Linked to a website: Users who received this message are asked to click on www.goldenversion.com to download the whatsapp gold.

3. Celebrity Account: The message claims that ‘WhatsApp Gold’ was till now used only by ‘big celebrities’. The extra features of the Gold version of the app include video calling, ability to send 100 images at once, free calling, ability to change WhatsApp themes and more.

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4. WhatsApp Gold is a Malware: Downloading the program from the website will infect your phone with malware, which will allow hackers to steal your data/track your movements and activity.

5. It is against WhatsApp Policy to Upgrade Via a Text Message: WhatsApp advises its users that it will never send them a text message asking them to upgrade or download the app.

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6. WhatsApp Gold is not from WhatsApp. Do not download it.

7 . If Whatsapp has an update, user will be notified via Google playstore or other app stores for various smartphones. And this stores are legit. And not via BC messages.

We should all be cautious so we don’t fall into a trap, so before we take any drastic actions concerning our apps we should verify from a trusted source for details.

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