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How To Power All Apps With MTN mPulse Data Using Spark VPN and Psiphon Handler

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On September 12, 2018
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Recently MTN introduced a new tariff plan called mPulse which offers a whooping 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50. This introduction came as a surprise, but we later discovered it’s purpose was to browse on the designated mPulse website only and for educational purposes. How sad! Well fortunately as every other thing, a loophole was formulated and now you van use the data to browse on other sites, but some technical knowledge and tweaking is needed and would be involved. Keep reading..

KPN Rev tunnel was initially used but I did not write a tutorial on it, still some people stumbled on it Google. Anyway if your KPN Rev tunnel is no longer working for MTN 1.2GB for N150 on mPulse plan please follow the guide below to make it work;
Download Spark VPN from Play store.
Download spark configuration file here.

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How to set up spark VPN for mPulse data
• Launch the Spark VPN app and then.
• Locate the MTN mPulse Config.svc file
• Then tap on it to import.
• Hit the Start button to connect.

Using Psiphon Handler with mPulse Data
Download Psiphon handler here if you don’t have it.
Install and launch Psiphone app and configure it with the settings below
1. Tick: Remove Port Proxy
2. Type: Real Host Proxy
3. Server: mpulse.mtnonline.com
4. Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP Real Proxy Port: 8080
5. Now click SAVE and tap MORE OPTIONS which is in the third row.
6. Tick: Connect through HTTP Proxy
7. Finally, Tick: Use the following settings: -> Host Address:

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Enjoy, and I hope it works for you..

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