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See The Best 4 Biticoin Wallet To Help You keep Your Cryptocurrency Save and Secured In 2018.

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On September 24, 2018
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Bitcoins, the new generation digital asset that shook the world in late 2017 with its unexpected high value.


The cryptocurrencytook the world by storm last year when its price peaked to $19,300 from 6 cents back in 2010. Bitcoin has not only drawn the attention of the industry but also noticed by the tech leaders across the globe.
Now, business has started including the decentralized system in their structure for a more secure and reliable network.

Besides, the cryptocurrency that is backed up by the decentralized approach instead of centralized banks makes it more secured for the people to carry out the transactions.

However, the cryptocurrencies also pose a significant risk for the investors as you don’t when the price falls to the ground as they skyrocketed. So, if you are an investor and thinking to buy bitcoins, then you should be aware of every aspect of the cryptocurrency. In order to buy, hold and sell these bitcoins or any cryptocurrency you must own a digital wallet.

There are a number of wallets available in the market offering excellent service and assured security, however, only some keep their promise intact.

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But, don’t worry we got it covered, here is the list of top 7 Bitcoin wallets that you can use to start your bitcoin investment.

1. Coinbase

Coinbaseoccupies the first place in the best bitcoin wallets list as it more preferable and efficient wallet available right now. The user can easily connect the wallet with a U.S bank account and transfer the dollars into it. The bitcoin wallet holder can easily transfer the dollars in it and converts the real dollars into the bitcoins at any time.

Coinbase is the perfect choice to buy, hold and sell the bitcoins without any issue.

The bitcoin wallet currently supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, besides there is news that the wallet could support more cryptocurrencies in the coming time.

The user interface of the wallet is intuitive and very easy for the users to get comfortable with it in no time.

The prime concern with the digital wallets is the security, where most of the users are afraid of their wallet getting hacked and losing all the bitcoins. However, Coinbase offers the best security against any risk of losing the bitcoins.

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There are multiple layers of security on the wallet that makes it secured against any hacking attempt. Besides, the wallet gets regular updates and monitoring to keep the security levels high.

2. Trezor

Trezoris another excellent option when it comes to the security of your valuable bitcoins. However, Trezor isn’t a full bitcoin wallet as it doesn’t allow selling and buying of the bitcoins.

Instead, it is a physical device that is capable of storing your bitcoins by connecting to a computer, mobile or tablet. The device transfers the bitcoins available from other platforms to itself, and you can keep it lock and safe in Trezor.

Besides, the device also works as
a password manager for the users and comes with two-way factor authentication to protect your assets. However, you won’t be able to buy or sell any bitcoin via Trezor. On the bright side, the device can be considered as the best place to keep your bitcoins hidden as it is stored in a physical device that can be reached by hackers via the internet.

3. Electrum

If you don’t trust the physical device much to store your bitcoins then here is a software for you. Electrumis bitcoin wallet software instead of a platform which will keep your bitcoins stored in files on your laptop.

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The bitcoin wallet software comes with all the required functionalities for storing your bitcoins. Electrum is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android and can be installed easily on any of the supported devices. Once you install the software, you can transfer and lock your bitcoins inside the software, and it will keep the coins safe. Electrum holds the upper hand over Trevor as you don’t have to carry a specific device for storing your bitcoin, you can leave them in your laptop or desktop.

However, Electrum doe comes with a risk, as if your laptop or desktop gets corrupted, damaged or burn in a house fire, you will lose your bitcoins.

Although there is a recovery process in the software for that, you have to get a separate handwritten or printed set of keys.

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